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par Jehro
Mama sat down and spoke today
While there´s life
There is hope, it´s coming your way
Listen to me
Oh just hear the words I say

Mama tells me I´m like those fools
Clammed up tight
Holding back what they should say
Pressure building up the storm
Is gonna break some day

Walk, walk
Towards the rainbow
Learn from all your trials on the way
Stormy weather never lasts
Oh-oh-oh-oh you´ll see

Mama tells me don´t feel no shame
Fly too high, and your wings get burnt away
You´re not the first
So don´t fear to try again

Mama tells me you shouldn´t scorn
Yourself for the lovers that you mourn
That you fond scars
They´re still a part of who you are

{au Refrain}

Stormy weather never lasts
Oh-oh-oh-oh I´ll see {x2}
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