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Sunday bloody sunday

par John Lennon
Well it was Sunday Bloody Sunday
When they shot the people there
The cries of thirteen martyrs
Filled the Derry air.
Is there anyone amongst you
Dares to blame it on the kids?
Not a soldier boy was bleeding
When they nailed the coffin lids!

Sunday bloody sunday
Bloody sunday is the day!

You claim to be majority
Well you know that´s a lie.
You´re really a minority
From the bloody English hands
When Stormont bans our marches
They´ve got a lot to learn!
Interment is no answer
It´s those mother´s turn to burn

You anglo pigs and Scotties
Sent to colonize the North
You wave you Bloody Union Jacks
And you know whet it´s worth!
How dare you hold the ransom
A people proud and free?
Keep Ireland for the irish
Put the english to sea!

Sunday bloody sunday
Bloody sunday is the day!

Well it´s always Bloody sunday
In contrentration camps
Keep Falls road free forever
On this sweet esmerald isle.
Repatriate to britain
All of you who call it home
Leave Ireland for the Irish
Not for london or for Rome!
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