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We like talking dirty
We smoke and we drink
We´re KMFDM and all other bands stink

Our music is sampled, totally fake
It´s done by machines, ´coz they don´t make mistakes

We don´t have no lyrics, our message is nil
We hate all DJs, they´re makin´ us ill
Whatever we tell you, is meant to be crap
We hate all music, and especially rap

We don´t like Michael Jackson
We hate Depeche Mode
We don´t care for Madonna
Or Kylie Minogue

KMFDM Sucks!

Our records have stickers, with a warning from Tipper
´Coz they´re no good for kids, if we´d get her we´d strip her

KMFDM forward, the ultimate sound
And a message from Satan, if you turn it around

You might think we´re stupid, but we´re way above it
We don´t give a shit, and the kids just love it

We won´t sell to a major, for a couple of bucks
No doubt about it, KMFDM sucks!
KMFDM Sucks!
KMFDM Sucks!
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