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par Krezip
Tonight´s the night, better make it fast ´cause it feels alright
This is the time, you know ´cause he told, he said
It´s nothing like the sun better than the moon that shimmers so nice
It´s prettier than your eyes even though they´re little stars

Get it on, you´ll make it feel alright
Break her heart you know you can
She´ll feel like hell but why should you care
My God you don´t even mind

It worked again, you know how to get her this far
She thought you were soulmates, well, how foolish can you be
She doesn´t make it to hard, she´d rather be too fast instead of losing you
She probably knows she´ll regret but that doesn´t matter now

Get it on...

Get it on now make it fast it feels alright
Be the only one, at least that is what she thinks
Disappoint her, god you don´t even mind
Break her heart now, you did

He took you home, that´s how fast you let it come
Be the only one well what do you really think
You are lost now and who really is to blame
He broke your heart he did

Get it on...
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