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Hot shot

par Krokus
Mmm yeah
Yeah listen!

He was born with a silver spoon in a house at the edge of the town
Before his mama would let you play you had to lay your money down

"I´m alive
You´d better read my lips before you see me go
´Cos here´s what you should know!!!"

Hot shot on the hill
You can do what you like
´Cos your mama pays the bills
Hot shot on the hill
Sitting alone
Like a fool without a thrill

Nobody trusts him
He´s the biggest joke in town
You can hear some crazy stories of how he liked to cheat around

Goin´ just too far now
Breakin´ all the social rules
Steppin´ on his ´would be´ best friends
When there´s someone new to use!

How do you sleep in the night?
Does your conscience tear you up and make you cry?
I don´t think you even have one, oh no!

Hot shot on the hill, like a fool without a thrill
Hot shot on the hill
Hey, who pays the fuckin´ bill??
Ha ha ha!!
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