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Rock the block

par Krokus
Well the sky is grey, streets are cold
And it´s rainin´ in my head
Stayin´ at home is drivin´ me nuts
Gotta boogie thru´ the life out there!

Can´t let bad weather mess up great plans for a wild weekend
Gotta meet my friends at the Rock Cafe on the corner of the city gate

There´s a place open all night
Music is loud and the girls make eyes

We´ll rock the block
We´ll rock the block-block-block-block, one, two, three
We´ll rock the block
´Cause we can´t let the rain screw up all this fun
We´ll rock the block
Yeah yeah! Take it away!!

We´ll rock the block
The neighbourhood
Oh yeah!

We´re gonna shake it!
We´re gonna make it!
Gonna shake it!
And gonna rock it!

Shake the neighbourhood
Ah ha ha
We´re gonna rock, rock, rock!!!
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