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Surrender to me

par Lara Fabian
Is it that we´ve been together
Much too long?
The answer may not be in black and white
We´re always trying to prove
Who´s right or wrong
And now we´re giving up without a fight
I know when you´re gone
I wish I´d held on

So baby surrender to me
They´ll be no holding back now
So baby surrender to me

I don´t want our love
To cause you so much pain
If this is how it´s gonna be I´ll walk away
Oh, neither of us
Should ever say goodbye
Let´s forget about the past and who´s to blame
Cause when this is all gone
We´ll wish we´d held on

{au Refrain}

How could this love be in danger
That used to be so good, so right
To think that fate could make us strangers
Just hold me in your arms tonight

{au Refrain}
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