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Come about it

par Lil' Wayne
Came in the game as a young´n
Signed with Cash Money, pocket fulla money
Niggas pop shit, always talkin´ ´bout somethin´
See ya´ ass in public, it´s a whole ´nother subject
Man they just talk about it, they just talkin bout it
And I´m on the streets with it, I´m on the streets with it
See where I come from you got to be about it
And if you want it want it, we come and see about it

[Verse 1]
Okay, uhh
It´s Weezy baby like the last shit
A big car and a bad bitch, uhh
I´m so fly, I need my ass kicked
These niggas ballin´ by accident, uhh
Keep talkin´ nigga fuck up your body
Singin hormon´ til´ your mournin´, was a accident, uhh
Haha, I´m a G til the casket drop on my glasses, uhh
Fast money, I´m the fastest
I got that hustler´s passion ya know
Them boys back in the ass in
I´m at the bank tryin´ to cash in


[Verse 2]
Okay it´s been a murder, bitch I make a killin´
Insurance papers and the safe money in the ceilin´, uh
I got a pillow case full of pistols
Come thru a nigga house and aim at the pillows, uh
Yeah, wake up, wake up, fuckin´ with them boys
You gon´ wake up taped up, ya dig
Now go drink that lake up stick ´em in the trunk
And let them feel that bass pump, haha
These niggas is nuts that man that M-14 leave you physicially fucked
Haha these niggas is ducks well you can call me Scrooge
Cause I´m swimmin´ in bucks, bitch


[Verse 3]
Yeah okay, yeah, yeah
Too hot, to cold, uh, I´m red hot, blue cold
I´ll knock your melon out your fruit bowl
All my guns black, I got true soul, yeah
And the Coma Coupa black panther bla, bla, bla
Thats the gat anthem and if a nigga play with family for that matter
I´m a smoke so many niggas I´m a catch cancer, c´yeah
And if I step up out this Benz´o, you know
I´m comin´ with a gun like a Nintendo, they soft
Them niggas fallin´ when the wind blow
Then I´m rollin´ up my window, fuck ´em

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