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Mirror mirror

par LL Cool J
Yeah, yeah
[whispered:] "Oh my God"
Uhh (he´s back) success (he´s back)
[whispered:] "They love success!"
(Where you been?)
Right here baby

[LL Cool J]
Look in the mirror while I tell you a tale
About a mogul named Uncle L
Sit on eight figures, man with a vision, move with precision
(He excels, they all fail)
Undisputed, the game got so polluted
that he turned his +Radio+ off
He +Needed a Beat+ so he could +Jingle+ them bells again
Watchin the plasma TV in the loft (with somethin soft)
with a leapord print outfit on
Cause he known to flood any mic he spit on
He´s a (uhh uhh, +Phenomenon+)
Ice glistenin, listenin to +Break of Dawn+
He went from.. +Hollis to Hollywood+ in fact
Owned the Dow Jones and stacked the NASDAQ
Conference call with his broker, ´What´s the yield on that?´
"Exotic Motorcars," we want a deal on that

[Chorus: sung + (LL)]
Mirror mirror (you go baby) speak to me (you flow baby)
What´s this image that I see before me (you know baby)
It´s a winner (you go baby) please believe it (you go baby)
I can see it so I can achieve it (you flow baby, you go baby)

[LL Cool J]
+Around the Way Girls+ be +Doin´ It+ well
They love the way that man look on the (XXL)
On the Money magazine covers
When he stop at the light, it´s like his Benz hovers
Smoke blowin from the chrome exhaust, of his Boxer Porsche
(Look at him, lickin his lips when his joint pull off)
Ever since +Boomin´ System+, damn she missed him
She, couldn´t resist him, dreamt she kissed him
In a, warm jacuzzi full of +Milky Cereal+
She said (I need love from the grand imperial)
I been his biggest fan since five years old
And now I´m 22, I love money (oooh)
+Backseat of the Jeep+, you need that
(Who do you love?) Baby repeat that
(Who do you love?) You need to keep back
Milk and +Pink Cookies+ he known to eat that


[LL Cool J]
Tryin to get as much money as possible, no negative consequences
Knahmsayin baby? I´m goin long, feel me..

+Hey Lover+, I´m +Loungin´+
+Goin´ Back to Cali+, cop a crib on the mountain
Strobelights jumpin off, birdies is bouncin
+(4)-to-the-3-2-1+, he stopped countin
Eliminated competition quickly
Phantom of the Opera on the low where your clique be
He feel his flow deep down in your artery
Peep her man´s checkbook (uh) that´s where his heart´ll be
+6 Minutes of Pleasure+ for +Jack the Ripper+
Young players fall quicker from chicks and hard liquor (ahahah)
But uhh, he´s +Bad+, he got +The Power of God+
In the Four Seasons, laughin at the L´urmitage(?)
He been there, mini-bars, R&B stars
Young groupies in the lobby on the search for (Bobby)
Young tycoon in the Steve Wynn suite
Readin e-mails with ten on repeat, I seen it

[Chorus + (LL speaking over, can´t be heard clearly)]

[LL Cool J]
Yeah, 10, faith, power of God
Yeah, c´mon, work it with me baby
Work with me ma, uhh, it´s been too long, 10
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