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In this life

par Madonna
Sitting on a park bench
Thinking about a friend of mine
He was only 23
Gone before he had his time
It came without a warning
Didn´t want his friends to see him cry
He knew the day was dawning
And I didn´t have a chance to say goodbye


In this life I loved you most of all
What for?
´Cause now you´re gone and I have to ask myself
What for?

What for?
Driving down the boulevard
Thinking about a man I knew
He was like a father to me
Nothing in the world that he wouldn´t do
Taught me to respect myself
Said that we´re all made of flesh and blood
Why should he be treated differently
Shouldn´t matter who you choose to love



People pass by and I wonder who´s next
Who determines, who knows best
Is there a lesson I´m supposed to learn in this case
Ignorance is not bliss


Have you ever watched your best friend die [what for]
Have you ever watched a grown man cry [what for]
Some say that life isn´t fair [what for]
I say that people just don´t care [what for]
They´d rather turn the other way [what for]
And wait for this thing to go away [what for]
Why do we have to pretend [what for]
Some day I pray it will end

I hope it´s in this life
I hope it´s in this life time
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