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Promise to try

par Madonna
Little girl don´t you forget her face
Laughing away your tears
When she was the one who felt all the pain

Little girl never forget her eyes
Keep them alive inside
I promise to try -- it´s not the same

Keep your head held high -- ride like the wind
Never look behind, life isn´t fair
That´s what you said, so I try not to care

Little girl don´t run away so fast
I think you forgot to kiss -- kiss her goodbye

Will she see me cry when I stumble and fall
Does she hear my voice in the night when I call
Wipe away all your tears, it´s gonna be all right

I fought to be so strong, I guess you knew
I was afraid you´d go away, too

Little girl you´ve got to forget the past
And learn to forgive me
I promise to try -- but it feels like a lie

Don´t let memory play games with your mind
She´s a faded smile frozen in time
I´m still hanging on -- but I´m doing it wrong
Can´t kiss her goodbye -- but I promise to try
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