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From beyond

par Manilla Road
Computations are figured
The tuning forks are set
Turn on the Resonator
Start the experiment

The forks begin vibrating
Demensional walls gone
The machine is eminating
Resonations from beyond

Life, never was so defined
Even inside my mind
Everything turns to ecstasy
No, now the thing appears
Everything to be feared
Lives inside this blasphemy

Nightmare always there
The machine revealed it
Lifelike but not quiet
Like life as we know it

Life, there is so little time
Something insid my mind
Extending my pineal gland
No, is it inside my brain
Or am I going insane
Experiment is out of hand

Inside the field of the forks
Demensional barriars desolve
Vibrations open the doors
Into the worlds of beyond
Is this the gateway to hell
Opened up by the machine
Is this where Elder Gods dwell
Or am I lost in a dream

Something comes
Not from the grave
But from the beyond

Nothing can save
You from beyond

Here is the merchant of death
Master of all the unknown
Uncounted years he has slept
Awakened by frequency tones
Come to crush and devour
All of the life that it can
Recieving all of its power
From a machine built by man

Still it comes
Not from the grave
But from beyond

Nothing can save
You from beyond
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