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Mad house

par Mano Negra
My heart is like a big house
Full of ghosts and rats
A house without a window
And darkness livin´inside
So you came little Babe
And you turned on the lights
So you came little Baby
And you turned on the lights
You saw monsters they made you cry
You blew the lights and hide
My hearts is...
Now Baby won´t you come back
Baby won´t you come back
Won´t you come back again
Voix off: She told me just before she´s gone
That I´m a sucker I´m a punk
I´m violent everytime I´m drunk
She just can´t stand a Wino Man
Had a dream last nigth
it was so bright
You! or was it Mr Hide?
{Voix off:}
That´s when the moon felt down, right up from the sky...
And broke my heart into pieces
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