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par Mano Negra
Shessin town
Whit a Dirty Sound
Playing in my Room
Heard from the Moon let´s Dance
Bass player´s
Gone yesterday
That junky was sick
There´s no way! No way to Dance!
Hey! Johnny the Rat
You´re gettin fat
Move your ass
And do the Bass
This it´s a R´N´ROLL BAND
300 Miles
From the next show
So far from the scene
No more gazoline! Let´s Dance
The show´s over
And the Boss, he says
Those kids were drunk!
They sounded like monkeys
Upside down Everybody dance
But Big Bug says
"Won´t give you a cent"
Fuck Off!!
Girls around
Are ready for fun
A jealous guy´s
He´s drunk, holdin a gun! Let´s Dance
If You Want To Dance
Take A Chance!
Let´s Dance
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