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par Mariah Carey
You bringhten up the moon and stars at night
You keep me seeing rainbows in the sky
You bring new meaning to my life, now
I believe in miracles baby I´m forever yours,

Tender love´s what you´re giving me and
You surpass all my fantasies and
I keep thanking The Lord above for
Blessing me with oh so much

Cause I konw how it feels to be
Part of you boy
Everyday of my life´s so abundant
With joy
And I honestly never thought love
Could be real
Until the angels guided you to me

{au Refrain}

Lying with you so natural
I never knew this was possible
And it finally feels like my life has begun
Now that I can share it with someone

{au Refrain, x2}

Baby our love will always persevere
Anything you ever need,
You know I´ll be right here and
You don´t have to worry boy
I won´t betray your trust
Because I´m so much in love
Every time your lips meet mine
It still feels like the first time
And if you lost everything
I´d keep standing by your side
And biy it seems like everyday
I fall deeper in love
Because I can´t get enough

{au Refrain, x2}

Yours {x4}
Everything taht you do´s so amazing {x4}
To me, boy

{au Refrain, x2}
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