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Monday morning

par Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Hey Jack, Hey Jill
Oh it feels like we´re going uphill
along this Monday Morning
So much to get through
You´re catchin´ up with me,
I´m catchin´ up with you
before the first bells warning
What´d you do on Friday night?
Who´d you talked to on the phone last night?
Monday Morning...

I feel so good
I met the cutest guy in my neighborhood
Isn´t that exciting?
I dreamt all night, I got a secret note
but that´s alright cause I knew his writing

Hey I like your brand new shoes
Do you have a pen you could let me use?
Monday Morning...

Another week behind the desk for me
But I´m in the very best of company
The only good thing when the weekend ends
I get to be with all my friends
Monday Morning...
(Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Morning)

Everything is going here again
Oh I don´t know what I´ll do without my friends
Same time same old place
Still I got another smile on my face
Oh it´s time to run a note, well hang on tight
´Cause here we go...
Monday Morning...
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