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Ride the lightning

par Metallica
Guilty as charged
But damn it, it ain´t right
There is someone else controlling me
Death in the air
Strapped in the electric chair
This can´t be happening to me
Who made you God to say
"I´ll take your life from you!"

chorus :

Flash before my eyes
Now it´s time to die
Burning in my brain
I can feel the flames

Wait for the sign
To flick the switch of death
It´s the beginning of the end
Sweat, chilling cold
As I watch death unfold
Consciousness my only friend
My fingers grip with fear
What I am doing here?


Someone help me
Oh please God help me
They are trying to take it all away
I don´t want to die
Time moving slowly
The minutes seem like hours
The final curtain call I see
How true is this?
Just get it over with
If this is true, just let it be
Wakened by the horrid cream
Freed from the frightening dream

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