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Home from home

par Millencolin
For six weeks I had this job
Cleaning the local hospital
The pay was o.k. but I didn´t like to swab
So I changed it for a bass guitar
Bordedom was my companion
Stuck to me like glue
But I broke the bond
To make some dreams come true

Like a street to a hustler, a face to the soul
It´s the one and the only place we control
It´s our reality, not just a poem
It´s a place that we call home

For some time I went to school
Tried to learn what´s right and wrong
I didn´t like their schemes
I couldn´t buy their rules
So I went back to where I belong
You gotta love the sound
Of that guitar and the bass
The snare it sounds like a gunfire
It´s like a thousand decibel punch in the face

East or West? well home is the best!
Though I sometimes feel like a clown
But I´ve also had the feeling. Yes!
That I´m unstoppable
And that no one can bring me down

Step right in
Erase what´s on your mind
Step right in
Leave everything behind
Leave it behind
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