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Scene and not heard

par Misery Index
Crawling out en masse, they gather
Turkey flop platoons, will scatter
Drag-queen ninjas dance, pirouetting
Always ´scene´ and never heard, these core eyesores

What have we learned, in seventeen years
of glam-rock in the grave?
-That history repeats itself...again

...And right on cue, Pavlov´s dogs will dance

"Like dude, this band just sucked until they broke it down!"
...its coming yet again, I think I feel it, its coming right you fashion fuckers!

Brie Brie Brie! (It´s a fucking good cheese!) You gotta love it!

Always posing, my space whoring
mascara and sleeve tattoo
narcissists in ´youth small´ clothing Nirvana, where are you?
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