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Hey now !

par Oasis
I hitched a ride with my soul
By the side of the road
Just as the sky
Turned black
I took a walk with my fame
Down memory lane
I never did find my way back

You know that I gotta say time´s slipping away
What will it hold for me
What am I gonna do while I´m looking at you
You´re standing ignoring me

I thought that I heard someone say now
There´s no time for runningaway now
Hey now! Hey now!

Feel no shame - cos time´s no chain
Feel no shame

The first thing I saw
As I walked through the door
Was a sign on the wall that read
It said you might never know
That I want you to know
What´s written inside of your head

And time as it stands
Won´t be help in my hands
Or living inside of my skin
And as it fell from the sky
I asked myself why
Can I never let anyone in?
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