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I hope, i think, i know

par Oasis
They´re trying hard to put me in my place
And that is why I gotta keep running
The future´s mine and it´s no disgrace
Cos in the end the past means nothing

You tell me I´m free then you tie me down
And from my chains I think it´s a pity
What did it cost you to wear my crown
You don´t like it so why don´t you admit it

D´you feel a little down today?
Bet you ain´t got much to say?
You´re gonna miss me when I´m not there
And you know I don´t care, you know I don´t care

As we beg and steal and borrow
Life is hit and miss and this
I hope, I think, I know
And if I ever hear the names you call
If I stumble catch me when I fall
Cos baby after all, you´ll never forget my name
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