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It's gettin' better (man !!)

par Oasis
Say something shout it from the rooftops of your head
Make it sort of mean something make me understand
Or I´ll forget
The people here on lifes beaches
They wish upon the waves that hide the sand
Let them know that life teaches you
To build a castle in your hand

Maybe the songs that we sing are wrong

Maybe the dreams that we dream are gone
So bring it on home and it won´t be long
It´s gettin´ better man!

Hey! What was that you said to me?
Just say the word and I´d be free?
And where the stars are shining bright
It´s getting better man!
And crashing in upon a wave
It´s calling out beyond the grave
And we´re the fire in the sky
It´s gettin´ better man!

Build something build a better place and call it home
Even if it means nothing you´ll never-ever feel that you´re alone
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