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The girl in the dirty shirt

par Oasis
If I may be so bold could I just say something
Come and make me my day
The clouds around your soul don´t gather there for nothing
I can chase them all away

Why do you need a reason for to feel happy
Or shinning for the rest of the world
Give me just a smile and would you make it snappy
Get your shit together girl

You got a feeling lost inside
It just won´t let you go
Life is sneaking up behind
It just won´t let you go
No it just won´t let you go
Is what I´m trying to say...

Is would you maybe, come dancing with me
Cos to me it doesn´t matter
If your hopes and dreams are shattered
Cos when you say something you make me believe
In the girl who wers a dirty shirt
She knows exactly what she´s worth
Knows exactly what she´s worth to me!
That I can see, I can see

If you ever find yourself inside a bubble
You´ve gotta make your own way home
You can call me anytime you´re seeing double
Now you know you´re not alone
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