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The masterplan

par Oasis
Take the time to make some sense
Of what you want to say
And cast your words away upon the waves
Bring them back with Acquiesce
On a ship of hope today
And as they fall upon the shore
Tell them not to fear no more
Say it loud & sing it proud
And they...

[Chorus] :
Will dance if you want to dance
Please brother take a chance
You know they are gonna go
Which way they wanna go
All we know is that we don´t know-
What is gonna be
Please bother let it be
Life on the other hand wont let you understand
Why were all part of the masterplan

I´m not saying right is wrong
It´s up to us to make
The best of all things that come our way
And all the things that came have past
The answers in the looking glass
There´s four and twenty million doors
Down life´s endless corridor
Say it loud & sing it proud
And they...

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