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I'm sick, y'all

par Otis Redding
Standin´ outside, y´all
It´s raining, children
Gettin´ soaking wet
And it´s raining, y´all
Been put out, y´all
Nowhere to go, children
People all ask me, son
Tell me what´s wrong with you
Tell ´em I´ve been sick, y´all, yeah
Yes, I´ve been sick, children, yeah

My baby got me
In a terrible shape
Lord, she got me sufferin´
With a headache, yeah

Lord, pain in my heart workin´
Dragging my feet, y´all
Twelve long days, children
Had a bite to eat now
Y´all wanna know, yeah
Tell me what´s wrong with me
Said I´ve been sick, y´all, yeah
Tell you I´m sick, y´all, yeah

Now no doctor´s medicine
Will do me no good
Lord have mercy, children
I wished it would, yeah

Somebody, sick, bad shape
Pain, children, tremblin´, y´all
Legs are tremblin´, Lord
Hands are tied
Feel like I got a headache
Right here in my side
Heart´s turning over
Beating like a drum, y´all
Tom tom tom, yeah
Heart´s keep a beating, baby
Now what´s wrong with me
Tell y´all I´m sick, y´all
Said I´m sick, y´all
Got me in a terrible shape
Yeah honey

Sufferin´, children
Lord, I´m tired of it, honey
Rain is cold, children
Burnin´ my side, y´all
Standing on the outside
Water in my shoes, children
She got me suffering, baby
Oh that´s bad news, man
She got me moaning, y´all
Troubles out calm, yeah
She got me startin´ to think
Where did I come from, y´all
Tell you I´ve been sick, y´all
Yeah, I´ve been sick, y´all
Everybody wanna know...
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