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par Patrice
You see a million uses
In each household that you see yes
No matter how obtuse it is
Need to get all the vagaries
Think it over now
´coz it ain´t all the no-how

been a revolution
in this tidy life of mind
and there´s no institution
could fight the old divine

[Répétition] :
You don´t wanna rise
Because you´re scared of falling
Perfer to remain down
With you feet stuck to the ground

[Chorus] :
Pull you into places
Where you don´t belong
Into spaces
Where you don´t come from
Isn´t it amazing
The way we carry on
Try to leave traces
When we are gone

The fickle man´s feet
Are fancy free
But that quick buzz
It ain´t for me
And there ain´t a man´s feast
That´s for free
And that´s because
I believe
That I´ve seen all the fruit
And you´ve seen me
And I know that I´ve been
And I feel weak



But what if the ground you´re
Standing on starts falling?
You disappear
Without a sound

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