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Knocked out

par Paula Abdul
I was in love the moment that I saw you
I followed you thru the crowd and I almost lost you
I was dying to tell you but scared of your reaction
But I can´t hold back because I´m rushed with thing called passion

You´ve got me knocked out turn me inside out
It´s you that makes my heart beat
You´ve got me knocked out
Baby there´s no doubt
You swept me off of my feet

I walked your way hoping that
Maybe you noticed
I don´t want to move so fast
I don´t want to blow it

Never did I think love could be so amazing
But the things that you´re making me do
It´s driving me crazy

I want us to be closer, boy I wanna be
Startin´ somethin with you baby
My heart is steady knockin boy you´ve got my body rockin´, caught
blow-by-blow, love T.K.O.
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