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par Peter Gabriel
We´re character actors from the Tower of Babel
Bewildered, burned out hardly able
To sit astride the high wire cable
It´s hard to balance, a little unstable.

Through broken eyes and contact lenses
(I) Watched you draw your future tenses
See kisses of flame blow out of your lips
You´re back telling me your Apocalypse.

Don´t get me wrong, I´ll be strong
When the slowburn sunset come along
You´ve gotta stay the night
I gotta think that you might.

We´ve tried a handful of bills and a handful of pills
We´ve tried making movies from a volume of stills
(But) the words fell like hailstones,
bouncing at our feet,
Covering our feelings with a frozen sheet.

A chance to move, I take a shot
I get cold - you get hot
We look outside, lyin´ awake
See birds breaking surface on a silent lake.

But don´t get me wrong, I´ll be strong
When I´m back on the Isle of Avalon
Dont get me wrong, I´ll be strong
When the slow burn sunset come along
You´ve got to stay the night
I´ve got to think that you might.

Don´t try (to) make it easy, it´ll cut you down to size
Darlin´ we´ve got to trust in something
We´re shooting down our skies
shooting down (shooting down) our skies
(shooting down our...)
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