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I am down tonight

par Plastiscines
you thought it might be ok
between you and him, between me and you
you thought it might be better
to change your life, but not tonight
i Wonder how it would have been
without knowing him, i´m asking why
you´ve never wanted to admit
that you were crazy for him

I Am Down Tonight
again tonight
i´ve never really understood
why it was me, why it was you
my pain and all the troubles caused
were a waste of time, but not tonight
i thought i was the only one
maybe for a day, or just a night
i could´nt bear to have you just
half of the time, it´s not enough
i wanna figure out
before it´s too late
befor you found out how you really feel
I Am Down Tonight

again tonight
I Am Down Tonight
because of you
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