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Sexy m.f

par Prince
In a word or 2, it´s U I wanna do
No, not cha body, your mind U fool

Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker

We´re all alone in a villa on the Riviera
That´s in France on the south side in case U cared
Out of all yo´ friends, I wanna be the closest
That´s why I tell U things so U´ll be the mostest
When it comes 2 life, 2 be this man´s wife
U got 2 be well educated on the subject of fights
I mean prevention of
In other words it´s R.E.A.L meaning of this thing called love
Are U up on this?
If so, then U can get up off a hug and a kiss


We need 2 talk about things, tell me what cha do
Tell me what cha eat, I might cook 4 U
See, it really don´t matter cuz it´s all about me and U
Ain´t no one else around
I´m even with the blindfold, gagged and bound
I don´t mind - see, this ain´t about sex
It´s all about love being in charge of this life and the next
Why all the cosmic talk?
I just want U smarter than I´ll ever be when we take that walk


Horns, stand up please
I like it, I like it

U seem perplexed I haven´t taken U yet
Can´t U see I´m harder than a man could get?
I got wet dreams comin´ out of my ears
I get hard if the wind blows your cologne near me
But I can take it cuz I want the whole 9
This ain´t about the body, it´s about the mind


Tommy Barbarella in the house
Scrub the dishes
Come here Tommy, yeah
Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy
Levi, Levi, fly
Move man, get… let´s move, shit
I like it, I like it

Sexy motherfucker shakin´ that ass, shakin´ that ass, shakin´ that ass {repeat in BG}

Guard your folks who date your daughter
The sexy motherfucker´s so fine, I´ll drink her bath water
A long-legged 5´8" packin´ an ass as tight as a grape
I wanted 2 spit my game but said 2 myself, "Mmm, just conversate" (Yeah)
Cuz I´m usually quite the calm one (Come on)
U never found me out prowlin´, boy, I´m just havin´ fun
But I had 2 change my state of mind 4 this behind
I bet if U throw that ass in the air, it would turn into sunshine

Sexy motherfucker shakin´ that ass, shakin´ that ass, shakin´ that ass {x5}
(It makes 4 one sexy motherfucker up in this place)

U sexy motherfucker {repeat till end}
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