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par Punish Yourself
Hey little baby That´s a fact
I used to think ´bout you
Mostly at night
Is that a shame am I to blame
Cos´ now I see you everywhere

Hey lil´ baby Sweet 19
Hey lil´ baby Sweet nothing
Now I can say as Jimbo said :
« a woman´s place is on my face »

And everyday is like the other
Waiting for you counting the hours
Baby we´re caught into a trap
If I can´t have you my mind will snap

You love me mostly when you´re drunk
I fuck you mostly when I´m stone

You´re just a princess among the pigs
Be mine be mine be mine please

Too much drinking too much wine
Too much sniffing Too many swines
Too much junkie business in my head
Wouldn´t it be nice to share a bed?

I´ve been waiting for U so long
I´ve been waiting for U so long
I´ve been waiting so long
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