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Over it

par Relient K
I´ll admit to who I am
The day I come to understand
I haven´t got a clue
Been searching for a few years now

Well if I don´t repeat myself
Then I´ll change into someone else
Well I don´t quite know who
Been searching for a few years now

I´m over it
Yeah behind me now
I´m just over it
Over it
Yeah I´m finding out
I´m just over it
No I don´t know what´s over just yet
But I won´t go slow and time can let the mind forget
Don´t tell me you don´t know
(Don´t tell me you let go

I´ll protect your universe
Or make a mess to make it worse
Time will only tell
You and no one else so

You say you made up your mind and you´ve finally decided
But those that helped you choose
Haven´t the slightest clue as to the magnitude of what you´re about to lose

I´m guarded and therefore I can endure
A little bit more
Just a little bit more
Than some people would
If I´m not misunderstood
It´s still an attempt to be egoless while self-assured
If I´m still unsure that I´m pretty sure
That I am pretty good
God you know I´m good and
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