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Softer to me

par Relient K
Where am I!? Where are you?
There´s so much time so little to do
We´re busy doing nothing cause it´s vanity we prize.
You can´t see nothing cause you can´t see through your eyes.
They´re covered with a film, you´re blinded by yourself.
You´re the one to blame but you pretend it´s someone else.

Life could you be a little softer to me.
Life could you be more gentle to me.
Yeah I know this is a selfish plea,
Because Christ sacrificed his flesh
On the cross for me
But this world is hard,
It´s cruel and I wish it could be...
Softer to me

I´m still alive. That much is true
I´ve never lied, well, I guess I´ve told a few.
There´s nothing to see because I brought nothing to show.
The conversation got too deep, I shrug and tell you I´ don´t know.
This life can get so hard, this world can be so cruel,
Sometimes I fall apart I feel just like a useless tool.
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