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If i never see your face again

par Rihanna
Now as the summer fades
I let you slip away
You say I´m not your type
But I can make you sway
It makes you burn to learn
You´re not the only one
I´d let you be if you
put down your blazing gun

[Pont :]
Now you´ve gone somewhere else
Far away
I don´t know if I will find you
But you feel my breath
On your neck
Can´t believe I´m right behind you

[ Refrain :]
´Cause you keep me coming back for more
And I feel a little better than I did before
And if I never see your face again
I don´t mind
´Cause we gone much further than I thought we´d get tonight

[2eme Couplet :]
Sometimes you move so well
It´s hard not to give in
I´m lost, I can´t tell
Where you end and I begin
It makes me burn to learn
You´re with another man
I wonder if he´s half
The lover that I am

[Pont :]

[ Refrain :]

[ 3eme Couplet ]
Baby, baby
Please believe me
Find it in your heart to reach me
Promise not to leave me behind
(Promise not to leave me behind)
Take me down, but take it easy
Make me think but don´t deceive me
Talk to me bout taking your time
(Talk to me, talk to me)

[ Refrain x2 ]
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