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It's over

par Roy Orbison
Your baby doesn´t love you anymore
Golden days before they end
Whisper secrets to the wind
Your baby won´t be near you any more

Tender nights before they fly
Send falling stars that seem to cry
Your baby doesn´t want you anymore
It´s over

It breaks your heart in two, To know she´s been untrue
But oh what will you do? Then she said to you
There´s someone new We´re through We´re through
It´s over It´s over It´s over

All the rainbows in the sky
Start to weep, then say goodbye
You won´t be seeing rainbows any more
Setting suns before they fall, Echo to you that´s all that´s all
But you´ll see lonely sunset after all

It´s over It´s over It´s over It´s over
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