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Making memories

par Rush
There´s a time for feelin´ as good as we can
The time is now, and there´s no stoppin´ us
There´s a time for livin´ as high as we can
Behind us you will only see our dust.

Just keep smilin´, move onward every day
And try to keep our thoughts away from home
We´re trav´lin´ around, no time to settle down
And satisfy our wanderlust to roam.

You know we´re havin´ good days
And we hope they´re gonna last
Our future still looks brighter than our past
We feel no need to worry
No reason to be sad
Our mem´ries remind us, maybe road life´s not so bad.

Well from sea to shining sea, and a hundred ports between
Still we go on diggin´ ev´ry show
The cities in the land all extend a welcome hand
Till morning when it´s time for us to go.
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