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When he leaves you

par Shania Twain
I came here as a friend
Though I don´t really know you
I know you´re in love with him
And he´s made your world brand new
I know you think he loves you
And he may believe it too
Pour some coffee and I´ll tell you
What you´ll soon be going through

When he leaves you
It´s gonna more than break your heart
When he leaves you
It´s gonna tear your world apart
And you´re gonna cry a million teardrops
One for every shattered dream
When he leaves you
And come back home to me
I´ve known him all these years
Honey this time´s not the first time
I´ve paid for loving him with tears
And when it´s over he´ll be mine
I can see that I´ve upset you
Guess I´m a fool to try and to help
When it comes to hearts and heartache
You go to find out for yourself

(Repeat chorus)

When he leaves you
And comes back to me
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