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Hôtel de la plage

par Sheila
Hôtel (Hôtel) de la plage (plage)
Hôtel (Hôtel) de la plage (plage)
Those days we didn´t have much money
The room was small and ordinary
But when you walk up
In morning sunlight
It was the Beverly Hills

And if we weren´t among the best dressed
I love you in the old blue shirt you wore
Walking for hours without flowers
It was the Beverly hills, the Beverly hills

Hôtel (Hôtel) de la plage (plage)
It was (It was) Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills)
The Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills)
The Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills)

You stood by me through hard times
You made me see the bright side
And you had the most beautiful smile I´d ever seen
Without you nothing happens
I need you even more now
And you´re still the most beautiful girl I´ve ever seen

{au Refrain}

One day we happened to come back here
The sky was grey and it was raining hard
But deep inside us
We had the sunshine
It was the Beverly Hills

{au Refrain, x2}

It was the Beverly Hills {ad lib}
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