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Can't have you

par Shola Ama
What makes me feel this way
Why are you constantly on my mind
When I know
I cannot have you
Why do I have to think
I need you here with me no
I can´t go on cos I cannot have you

The thought has always crossed my mind
How it would be
If we tried to talk about me
Being with you would there be us?
And will it be true?
But I shouldn´t even let my mind go that far
Cos it´s not right
Cos you have her and she trusts us
She knows we´re friends
But I love you so much

It might help if I knew
That I´d find myself with you
But that´s so wrong
I should move on
It´s just not right
Cos you´re not mine

Boy you´ve always been
Be my side
A friend of mine for a very long time
So why can´t you see
Just what it could be
Cos I dream about you being with me
So baby tell me how you fell inside
If you want me baby don´t lie
Cos I dream about us all of the time
Makes me mad
Cos you´re not mine
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