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In it for life

par Sick Puppies
There´s a time when we try
To begin what is ending
If at first you don´t succeed
Then we just end up pretending
If the dream isn´t real
Is the lie worth defending?
Close your eyes, cover your ears
Shut your mouth


You can act naive
But I know you´re not stupid


You´ll wake up when I walk out
Isn´t that the way it plays?
The leaver leaves, the stayer stays
You wouldn´t make a move, so I made mine
Isn´t it a pity?
I wish you were really in it for life
I wish that you were in it for life

Verse 2

What you give is what you get
And what you got´s now next to nothing
´Cause the life that you´ve accepted
Is the one that´s least disruptive
Are you aware of the fact
That when I pull, there´s no pulling back
You have half the mind, half the heart
Half the will


Some people talk like they can´t hear
Some people walk but get nowhere
And when I´m done with the run I´m going on
I´m sure I´ll be
Your biggest regret
You´ll never forget


Yea you can run, but you can´t hide
Cause everything you´re running from
Is locked inside
So let it the fuck out!
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