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Travelling man

par Simple Minds
The lights of the motel shine on to me
This is the land of the brave, sad and the lonely
The last ride´s
Coming to me I can feel it
A new life
Screaming out and I can´t miss it

Travelling man
Travelling man
You get away if you can

My body´s shaking, my body´s tired
Hookers to the left of me, killers on the inside

The last train
Left this station long ago
The headlights
Shine like diamonds in the snow

Like a travelling man
I´m a travelling man
Run away if you can

Cruel world keeps turning I´m dead on my feet
From the blue icy mountains to white city heat
Factory fire burns like a phoenix tonight
Spread your wings come on darling

And your eyes
Search for me but I can´t see them
And your sweet mouth
It speaks to me but I can´t hear it
And your - your sweet smile
Two thousand miles for your warm kisses
And your sweet child
I got one last chance and I can´t miss it
No no no no

Travelling man
Like a travelling man
Well I´m a travelling man
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