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Ain't no way

par Solange Knowles
[Verse 1]
Boy I know that you feeling things
Calling me constantly
Talking bout you and me
Well even though you never told me
That I was the only one so I did my thang, oh

You see me hanging with my girlies
Hollars at the fellows maybe
But you can´t be mad at me

So there ain´t no need to trip no
´Cause I ain´t never been your girlfriend
Don´t be all up on me baby no way
Gonna do my own thang
Putting that on everything
Don´t play me like your girlfriend
Baby no way

[Verse 2]
Did you think I would be waiting around
That´s not how I get down
Someone should have told you
And even though it hasn´t been a while
Someone else makes me smile
And it feels so good, yeah



Don´t you act like you own me
Don´t you try to control me
´Cause, baby there ain´t no way I´m going for that, no
And if you chill you can call me
But for now stay up off me
´Cause, baby there ain´t no way I´m going for that, no

[Chorus out]
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