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At this hour

par Spin Doctors
Here he come walking down the street
Got them funky ragged things on his feet
He got half a busted moon in his smile
Now I know he´s walked that long and lonely mile

He´s got the waistcoat made of sad, sad, sack
He see a red door and he want to paint it black
He´s got a vote for you now if you dare
To not pretend that he´s not there

Yeah, he´s coming down on you
Yeah, what´cha you gonna do?
Your the only one walking down the street
He´s the only one that you´re likely to meet
At this hour baby,

You´re so used to living in luxury
Greed´s made you blind and you just can´t see
So many people in the world today
Who won´t ever have things their own way

You live protected, respected, inside the law,
You´re sunny-side-up, he´s wearing his yolk raw
You say you never took nothing he´d refuse,
He´s living off the crap, man, that you can´t use
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