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par Terror Squad
Yeah yeah
Terror Squad what-what
Cuban Link what-what
´99, baby

Yo ladi-dadi, mami, I love to party
Plus I always cause trouble when I guzzle Bacardi
Got the hotties sippin rum, Maseratis with the stumps
Music bumpin out the trunk. everybody´s gettin drunk
From the Bronx, settin, lettin it all out
No doubt, toast your coast
Reppin the east, west, north, south
Now it´s all about the Terror Squad, ghetto superstars
Extra-large players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Word to God, Pun, my crew won´t give a fuck who you are
We do our job like we part of the mob, shoot up the bar
Cuban the Don Daddy like John Gotti
I brung a long shotie for the chump bodies
If it´s on it´s on, mami

It´s Mister Cuban Link, baby, comin through with the hits
Gettin love from the ladies while my crew in the triz
And this goes out to the players, thugs, hustlers and pimps
(We run shit)
All around the world
You know I do my thing, baby, Cuban Link full eclipse
Terror Squad, new era, god, better choose who you with
When we flip ain´t no tellin what we do to your click
(We run shit)
All around the world
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