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par The Clash
I Have Been A Washer Up
An´ He Has Been A Scrubber Up
An´ I Seen Him A Picking Up
Dog Ends In The Rain
An´ He Has Never Read A Book
Though I Told Him To Take A Look
He Lifted His Poolhall Cue
For Another Game
But It Ain´t No Modern Miracle
That We Found The Golden Rule
What You Can´t Buy You Gotta Steal
An´ What You Say Can´t Steal You Better Leave

I Don´t Like To Hang About
In This Lonely Room
´Cos London Is For Going Out
And Trying To Hear A Tune
But People Come Pouncing Up To Me
And Say What Are You Doing Here
You´re Supposed To Be A Star
Not A Cheapskate Bleeding Queer

Like A Load Of Rats From A Sinking Ship
You Slag Us Down To Save Your Hip
But You Don´t Give Me The Benfit
Of Your Doubt
´Cos I´ll Bite It Off And Spit It Out

We´re Cheapskates Anything´ll Do
We´re Cheapskates What Are We Supposed To Do?
An´ We Can Rock
Hey Hey Let´s Roll
An´ We Can Walk
An´ Do The Stroll

Just Because We´re In A Group
You Think We´re Stinking Rich
´N We All Got Model Girls
Shedding Every Stitch
´N You Think The Cocaine´s Flowing
Like A River Up Our Noses
´N Every Sea Will Part For Us
Like The Red One Did For Moses

Well I Hope You Make It One Day
Just Like You Always Said You Would Some Day
And I´ll Get Out My Money And Make A Bet
That I´ll Be Seein´ You Down The Launderette
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