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par The Crüxshadows
I lost sight of the raging waters
below the surface where i lay
fractures slip like ghosting fish
below my fingertips
I watched the days in proud procession
upon the icy pools above
and seen the stars like distant fires
that follow each day through

cold dawn in the world that i built
cold water and chiseled stone
maybe time will one day find me
maybe then I´ll get back home
cold dusk in a world that I made
my memories are all I know
so if you´re searching, I´m still waiting
where is time to bring me home

I drew regret with a dull blue pencil
deep beneath the danger mark
it left me here below the ocean
below the wreckage of my heart
and now I breathe this cold dead water
no time to give what others steal
no song of life to make things better
no warmth in love for me to feel

Cold dawn
waiting for the night to come
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