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Go away

par The Crüxshadows
falling together in the cold grass holding hands
on the hill side watching stars descend.
forever seems like just an empty promise
we spent so long ago
but we were younger then.

each sour word
sounds so absurd
but lingers
in the air
while happiness
in an ashen dress
fades into
the years
each lonely hour
my heart has slept
has drifted back
to me
a splintered dream
of awful things
that now
have come to be

She said Go
I don´t want you any more
She said Go
i don´t need you now, my dearest
She said Go
i don´t love you anymore
She said go
and i heard the angels cry

for us...

simple words that simply disappear
while silence has replaced the sound of laughter
and in the twilight memories shimmer in a
breath of hesitation
but it only lasts a moment before its gone

but I don´t Believe her.
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