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I know

par The Hong Kong Knife
Do you know me?
Hey you girl, you´re the only one.
I´m still stepping on your shadow even when I turn around.
How come the only thing I can repeat is apologizing?
I keep on asking you to wait a little bit longer.
Holding on to you tired hand, I wanted you know understand my aching heart.

*Yeah, if you´re able to forget me,
If I already met someone new that´s the one for me,
I´ll let you go, yeah, I´ll let you go.

**We got to shake hands; we can´t show even one tear.
This was my everything, but I guess this isn´t going to be it in anyway.
I can´t let you go, I should hold on to you.
It hurts, it hurts so much.

***To your two eyes spilling tears, I´m telling you everything…


If I think of you even once, tears begin to stream
I don´t know what to do even though I came out to meet you
Yes, I know that we can´t turn back, there´s no way we can turn time back.
Get closer to me, you´re the only one, but it´s only going to be tears.
This isn´t going to be it, but I told you that I love you once more…
Just like the furthering wind…
Your two tearful eyes...
Know, know know…

Yeah, I´ll probably live in tears.
Yeah, you are the only one.

That mysterious twinkle in your eyes, yeah, you´re probably not going to be the
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