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Sitting on top of the world

par The Pogues
Well it´s been a long day but I don´t like to moan

It´s the middle of summer and I´m chilled to the bone

There´s holes in my shoes where the rain comes in

I´m sitting on top of the world

Walking in the shadows of empty office blocks

I was talking to a stranger and he´s on the rocks

Down on the pavement living in a box

I´m sitting on top of the world

Oh no can´t anybody see

It´s been a bad day and I want a little peace

Oh no won´t you please help me

I want to lie down but there´s no beds free

Down on the corner there´s starry eyed preachers

Rattling cans and pimping Jesus

There´s madmen on boxes makig speeches

I´m sitting on top of the world

You can´t sit in the sunshine or go out after dark

There´s dogs on the loose acting like sharks

There´s psychos on the streets burning winos in the park

I´m sitting on top of the world

Oh no I wish I was gone

I want to get going before too long

Oh no I want to leave town

But I can´t drive my car ´cause they put it in the pound

The masters of industry are killing for oil

There´s poison in the air the water and the soil

We´re all turning mutant they´re counting up their spoils

I turn on the TV and it makes me want to cry

There´s killing and there´s torture there´s destruction and there´s lies

And our leaders talk rubbish and more people die

I´m sitting on top of the world

Oh no I can´t take anymore

I´m shaking all over and my nerves are all raw

Oh no my head´s a little sore

I want to get out but I can´t find the door
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