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Louie, louie

par The Pretenders they come
Now louie louie had his day
Nothin´ gonna change it now
The rats and snakes will never fade away
Not while I´m alive
Hey! hey! hey! hey!
There come the cossacks
The road spiders
The super gliders
Burnin´ trash, flickin´ class, all the white trash
Hey! hey! hey! hey!

Now louie louie had his time
Seemed like only yesterday
Sandy and harry got married and moved away
´cause they had nothin´ left to say
You with the glasses, I´ll see you later
We´ll find love I know
Rockin´, reelin´, double dealin´, one more time this time with feelin´
Hey! hey! hey! hey!
Go boys, yeah!

You move so fine
Yeah what a scene I said
Mmm, kinda aquiline
Yeah baby saw through this now
You smell so good
Yeah, and your shirt´s always pressed
You´ll be the best inside my baby
Yeah, we´re all under arrest now!

Louie louie made his mark
On this tender heart of mine
The jamaican moon don´t let it get dark
Though we rock out in the night time

Yeah! let´s get on outta here now, let´s go!
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